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Cybercrime law found efficient

Date: October 01, 2007

A new law protecting the rights of designated drivers starts Monday here in Florida.

Last June, a Pinellas Park resident said he was kicked out of a bar and roughed up by the owner simply because he refused to order a drink.

That's when State Sen. Mike Fasano stepped in and wrote up this new bill. It states bar and restaurant owners can't throw someone out simply because they won't order a drink.

It's a rule change some said they're surprised to even see in the first place.

"I guess if you have to put it into effect legally, I guess you have to do it," said Amy Wilke.

"I think it's a good law but I just wonder, why did we have to pass a law? Why do we have to add a statute to an already 20 page book of statues?" said Andrew Bott.

Earlier this year, Governor Crist signed the CyberCrimes Against Children Act of 2007, which also goes into effect Monday.

The new law doubles penalties for stalking kids online and possessing and distributing child pornography.

It also requires the sexual predators register they e-mail addresses and online identifications.

With that, social Internet sites like will be able to delete or block access.
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