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Online fraud warning

Date: September 01, 2006

Members of the Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union in College Station may be the targets of an online scam.

The credit union is warning its members that someone in Romania has been using the company's logo and information for a phishing scam.

"As best we know, there is someone who is sending bogus e-mails, not only to our members, but to people all over the county," said Joe Simmons, the credit union's president. Simmons said the e-mail has the company's name and logo and tells customers the credit union has detected an error in the customer's billing information and to click on a link for more information. The link directs the customer to a Web site that requests personal information.

Simmons said he is aware of three or four members of the credit union who have fallen for the scam. Those people were victims of fraudulent transactions on their accounts initiated from Romania.

"The FBI has been notified, and we have done everything we can with the authorities to trace this and locate the source," Simmons said.
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