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Discussion : Russia: over 75% of child porn is distributed through the Internet

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2006-07-31 08:31:56 -
I think that child porn is just nasty and those who do it should be executed.

2006-06-10 07:11:32 -
hi ı am türkey man sex ok

2006-05-20 11:15:39 -
i think therehas got to be a way to tackle and stop child porn cos at the end of the day the internet is policeable butaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh help the aliens are coming

2005-08-19 02:49:05 - Michael Jackson
Child porn is distgusting. I undersand some sick bastards may get off on stuff like that, and they can't help it, but it is distgusting to utilise kids like that. Especially when a profit is made from it.

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Total 19 comments
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