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Child abuse in the US

Date: August 01, 2005
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Betty Price

Florida is creating so much hysteria over the deaths of two precious angels it is ludicrous. What society, the media, the legislature and Governor Bush need to remember is that the TWO persons who allegedly murdered these two children are not every sex offender in the Nation. The U.S. Dept. of Justice released a report in November 2003 stating the recidivism rate is 5.3% for sex offenders. This rate is lower than any other crime.

If Megans Law were to be taken back to its original intent, which is to track Violent Sexual Predators, the registries would be more manageable for law enforcement. If we were to take all of the non violent former offenders off the registries, which are convictions for public urination, exhibitionism, nudism, streaking, flashing, mooning, consensual sex, internet child porn and one time non violent offenders generally of a familial nature, we would see that this hysteria is unfounded. Due to the high numbers of persons on the registry our Government is giving its citizens a false sense of security with all of the "feel good" get me more votes, legislation.

It is a parents major job to supervise their children. This should be considered each parents most important job. If parents would supervise their children on a constant basis we would see much less crime against children by strangers.

The Center for Sex Offender Managament states that 80% of girls and 60% of boys are offended by a person known to them. This is not stranger danger. The reason society thinks their children are at such a high risk is that the only media interest is in the high profile cases. Little Jessica was abducted in February, the news is still broadcasting this and the other two recent cases constantly. This makes it appear to parents that their children are at risk by a stranger and a convicted sex offender. While these murders were definitely horrid it is time to let these children rest in peace.

The Bill of Rights guarantees all U.S. citizens life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Former Sex Offenders and their families do not have these rights. They are denied any civil rights in this nation. Former sex offenders are denied due process and protection from ex post facto laws. These are Constitutional amendments that are supposed to be followed by our Government. Our officials are getting by with this by saying these laws are not punitive. Trust me when I say these laws are definitely punitive. States are punishing former sex offenders with registration requirements from ten years to life. There are churches that banish former sex offenders. We all know God is a loving and forgiving God. Will this Nation ever follow the Christian concept of love and forgiveness for all?
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