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Google to launch antivirus?

Date: June 01, 2007
Source: indiatimes Infotech

Google has bought Internet security startup GreenBorder Technologies, which creates secure connections to protect e-mail and Web users from malicious or unwanted computer code.

With the acquisition, the Mountain View search giant has taken its first steps into the Internet security business. Terms of the deal, which closed in mid-May, were not disclosed, according to Google spokesman Aaron Zamost.

GreenBorder, a venture-backed startup founded in 2001 and based in Mountain View, California, offers security software that sets up temporary, virtual sessions each time a computer users surfs the Web, then discards the resulting data once the user is finished surfing.

The software allows technicians to insulate corporate networks so that malicious code hidden inside e-mail, instant messages or Web sites is automatically detected and contained.

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