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Discussion : Former nurse faces child porn charges

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2005-10-13 18:58:17 -
I would like to be able to contact the Other family that there little girl was molested by thie man and he was found not guilty. If any one knows out there of this family can you please email me.

2005-09-22 02:49:24 - Disgusted
I feel with the evidence and information that has been given to the public on this most disgusting person, that he should of been held in custody. How dare the goverment allow these sort of peolp to be let loose with our innocent children. White or black these children need to be protected form animals that are wrecking our children. It is becoming far too common for these sort of people to go around thinking they have the right to molest and brain wash our little people. Lock him up.

2005-09-21 08:14:32 - Dan
This nurse is to appear in the district court at Fremantle in November. To my knowledge this nurse, as of the 15/09/05 has still got the restriction in place, that he is not allowed to nurse any person under the age of 18 years of age. He is on bail.

2005-08-11 02:12:33 -
This nurse despite the charges has been found not guilty and has NO restrictions on his practice. I also note there is NO follow up article to this case. Whilst this nurse was also awaiting trail he was working in a remote aboriginail community in W.A ?????

Total 4 comments
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