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Cybercrime cost to increase, it has been warned

Date: March 01, 2011
By: Martin Ellis

The cost of cybercrime to the UK will increase in the coming years, it has been warned.

According to Detica, which provides information intelligence solutions, there is "every chance" that cybercrime will increase along with our reliance on the internet.

David Blackwell, Director of Cybersecurity at Detica, said that the government and businesses should work together to tackle this problem.

"As we become increasingly reliant on cyberspace and people become increasingly aware of the latest criminal opportunities that everything being digital presents there is every chance that the number would rise," Mr Blackwell said.

He added that as policy defences develop this will hopefully slow down the increase in cybercrime, and called the issue an "underlying trend".

A recent report issued by the government estimated that cybercrime costs UK businesses around £21 billion, and individuals £3.1 billion due to online scams and identity fraud.

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