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Cybercrime in Ireland

Date: February 01, 2007

Cyber crime is affecting almost all Irish organisations, with 86pc saying they have experienced this over the past 12 months and almost a quarter (24.4pc) reporting that their systems had been breached by outsiders, new research reveals.
The ISSA (Information Systems Security Association)/UCD (University College Dublin) Irish Cybercrime Survey 2006 – the first study of its kind in the State – found that almost all respondents (98pc) said they had been affected by cyber crime. “We can unequivocally say there is a problem,” said Owen O’Connor, vice-president of ISSA Ireland and one of the authors of the report.

Arguably, the meat of the report comes in the less-reported categories: 39pc of organisations said they had suffered financial fraud, with 19.5pc saying this had occurred within the past year.
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