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Major security issues are disregarded by majority of corporate IT

Date: January 09, 2006
Source: Computer Crime Research Center

We always ask question: “How come we have so many compromised networks and identity theft incidents reported daily?” Maybe the answer lies between the human fear and simple sloth? An IT specialist working for a corporate entity who is afraid for his job and simpleminded laziness mixed with ignorance?. This type of attitude always leads to drastic consequences. “Everybody but Myself” is not going to work here. A few days ago CYCMOS intercepted portions of data while conducting an undercover operation which indicated that a company BOSAL became a victim of unauthorized access. Immediately data which was collected and processed was forwarded to BOSAL security and contained samples of the data which was apparently stolen by unknown hackers including a report on the compromised accounts through which attackers got into BOSAL LAN.

These accounts were used in order to break into the company network, intrusion notification was immediately sent to Anthony Pilz and Hans Deraeve , when received no comment from the above mentioned individuals, Cycmos staff has contacted BOSAL Canadian IT department to confirm that the information was received, Mr. Pilz and Mr.Biggs always seemed to be out of the office every time Cycmos employee called, last time a phone call was placed a secretary said that they are not interested in this information, again we could not get them on the line to confirm the receipt of the information. After several days since the notification was sent, a source who works undercover in the hacking community involved in hacking into BOSAL indicated that attackers are still inside and still using the above mentioned accounts to exploit the system. Again no BOSAL rep is available for comment.

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