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Discussion : 'Hackers are necessary': Q&A with Emmanuel Goldstein of 2600: The Hacker's Quarterly

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2007-02-14 14:51:50 -
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2004-05-20 15:39:15 - Andre J
Some hackers are harmless, some are malicious.
Go arrest some rapists and leave us alone.

2004-05-07 00:29:39 -
To John Q.
You should read the article again and try learning the meaning of hackers, as it was so fine explained by Emmanuel Goldstein.
Hackers are not stealer, cheaters and such. They are brilliant and innovative people. They keep the world in balance.


2004-04-28 19:07:21 - EthanGilchrist
No more nosey than the US Government. Personally I'd rather hackers than feds. Hackers are a lot less likely to kill you.

2004-04-27 20:51:47 - John Q.
Hacking is necessary for people who steal, cheat, and make money illegally. These people are also extremely nosey.

Total 6 comments
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