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Discussion : Hacker: What can you do against a hacker?

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2011-02-06 23:47:30 -
someone is buying things with my credit card and making it look like its me. I have had to cancel numerous cards.

2006-10-01 23:44:55 - kelsey
theres a hacker with all my pics vids info and family and friends names and my number and everything what the hell am i supposed to do

2006-04-17 09:08:26 -
What legal action?
I find that the scenario depicted in the article is totally unreal.
I see no policemen on the cyber highway.
And I have been in IT since 1960.
Its a jungle.
So what can you do?
Well, YOU are the security Officer, the Vigilante, the Judge, Jury, executioner and undertaker.
Just as "Targetted Removals" are the only practical response to terror, so, I believe that the same works againat the cyber viriety too.
1/ Let them in to spoof honey pots.
2/ Hit back _HARD, there is no Geneva Convention in cyberwar.Nor is there a need for one!
3/just as "Shread and Bake" works against the human terrorists, especially if it is used so much that of 100 attempts, 99 are "shredded and baked," they will soon give it up.
simarly, if an attack on a major company produces a massive, excessive response against the attacker, they will be disuided (in the best KRAY twins tradition!).
When giving talks on IT security, I stress that you don't need a traditional British Bobby to guard your IT system, rather a couple of Ex KGB GOONS who know how to deal with difficult people!"

Total 3 comments
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