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Discussion : The Dating Group Internet Scam

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2010-06-04 21:40:54 - Alexander
I am an international player in the lottery, but now after this read this here I am now Become . cautious

Alexander . From Ru

2009-09-15 22:24:51 -
I would like to conduct a secondary research on Cyber Crime. Your i

2009-04-15 19:30:31 - Heh
I like how people get so freaked out about giving their info yet half of them have posted comments with links to their email addresses that include first name and last name.

2009-03-12 19:14:23 -
I got the email as well....saying that they needed workers to revise text/edit text. Yes, I thought it seemed fishy because they didn't even ask for a resume, etc. Well, being laid off for 6-months and desperate, I answered....although I only sent them my name (not my full name) and P O Box address (not a physical address) and my cell number and email address. That's it. I'm glad I went on to Google them and find this message board/site. On top of that, I had no idea I was applying to revise text for some perverted swing group. I wouldn't do that anyway. Not interested. So.....guess I'm safe? They really have no information on me of any substance. No bank info, etc. Plus, there's no money in my bank anyway. ha ha
How can I, or should I, report that I got this "scam" email and to whom to I report it to? Also - when I googled the site and went to click on it - it came up blank. In other words, the site was not accessable.
I looked up Dating Group International.
I never sent anything about age, sex, any ss number - nothing like that. Yeah, sorry to be an idiot. This toilet economy makes even smart people tend to get a little desperate - or, at least I can speak for myself. Shame on me. I won't do it again! you think I'm safe?

2009-02-12 09:35:58 - Al
Thanks for the tips. I found this site when running a search on the company because it just did not seem right. I was moments from submiting them my info until I read this message. Thanks alot!!

2009-02-10 16:34:18 -
What do you think would happen if you kept their money? If they're criminals, they can't report you to the police right? And would the police really try to track a small amount of laundered money as a couple of grand? If anyone has any direct experience with scamming the scammers please let me know!

2008-12-04 12:34:18 -
I am sick and tired of all these scammers, it has become way too easy for someone just log online and lose their whole life to some loser who is to lazy to get a job. Something has to be done.

2008-12-02 12:28:39 -
Just been there done that. Thank goodness I'm only out of valuable time and no money. Thanks, guys!

2008-11-26 17:05:00 -
Well I guess I was taken in by them myself. I felt that this was a bit weird and maybe illegal, but what the hell. Anyway I haven't gone beyond the editing part so nothing gained nothing lost.

Thanks to you watchdogs out there.

2008-11-26 11:47:34 -
Thanks for posting the info! I actually fell prey to this scam, just did my first "job." Today. It looked a little hinky, but I figured, hey, as long as they don't have my bank number, no harm no foul. Now I see how it works.
My sister had forwarded me their e-mail -- she works at a hospital. Scary to think how many people are falling for this.

2008-11-24 13:00:25 -
The first 'tell tale' of a scan is the use of a Gmail address.

2008-11-14 14:31:55 -
Oh my gosh!

I just sent them my resume!

How do you get away from them?


2008-11-10 12:30:26 -
WOW ....the other the i also read an ad with almost the same type of work!

2008-11-03 14:24:56 -
These people are huge scammers! They send you texts for about a week or so and then they offer you 'a great job' as a 'local representative'. This is a scam to get you to get a seperate bank account and want you to give them all the information so they could transfer money. This is most likely illegal. Well once you tell them that you're not interested, but you would like to still do the texts, they 'say' they will send you more text but this is a lie because they stop sending you texts. This is a huge scam! Don't do it!

2008-10-24 07:26:45 -
Mike, I'm quite shocked that you didn't comprehend what the writer of this piece actually wrote. She didn't get scammed. She thought things sounded fishy and reported it. Many Americans "lack the ability to see one of the most simple" scams on the internet. That's why these scams are still going on. We should be thankful that the writer took the time to enlighten others on something you already knew. These scams are similiar, but come in many forms, so people should know what's going on even if some names and locations have changed, yet the operation is the same.
So Cee Gee, whoever you are, thank you and pay no mind to people who already know it all.

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