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Discussion : Fraud in the Internet

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2008-09-29 01:38:08 -
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2008-09-19 02:31:31 -
Manufacturer and Supplier of Hex Bolts, auto bolts, agriculture fasteners, screw, u bolt, t bolt, auto spares, banjo bolt, Hex Bolt from India, stainless steel bolts, bolt nut, stainless steel lag bolts, crown bolt, crown and screw bolt, nut and bolt retail, banjo bolts, nuts

2008-08-28 12:32:56 -

(Registration U971133B).

FROM: Mr William Preacher.


ATTN: Sumithra Rajan,

Congratulations from our entire staff.

We are glad to inform you that,we have duly completed our payout modalities,We have signed all the necessary document with all the relevant authority.

We hereby officially inform you that, after all necessary modalities have being carried out we find you worthy of the winning amount of £1,750, 000.00 GBP (One Million Seven Hundred And Fifty Thousand Pound sterling).Your prize-winning has been endorsed by The British Gaming Board.

On that note the Lottery Corporation Payment Service (L.C.P.S) has issued and endorsed your winning cheque.You have been authorized to cash your cheque in your country,as soon as you receive it from the courier/dispatch company.To this end your cheque has been handed over to our affiliated Dispatch/Courier company for quick delivery to your destination(YOUR ADDRESS AS INDICATED IN THE CLAIMS FORM), as the lucky winner of category 2, with Ref.No:BL/94202/08,as you would advice.

You are hereby advised to make direct contact with the Dispatch/Courier company, for the quick delivery of your cheque and some of your other relevant documents, such as your lottery winning certificate etc.

Find below the contact details of the Dispatch/Courier company.

SkyNet Worldwide Express
Lawrence Road, Hounslow Middlesex, TW4 6DR.
Contact Person.Garry Moore.
TELEPHONE: +44-702-309-8658
Email: [email protected]

You are adviced to send the courier company a mail to their email address for their delivery modalities.When contacting them,you are to include this order number as your subject. ORDER NUMBER:SNT/98046.

Please you are advised to write down the order number and save it.You are also required to send them your order number,it is in comfirmity for further verification of your claims before they can have your parcel posted to you.

You are to Quote your complete names, Ref/Batch Numbers and your direct phone number and your home address so that they can honour your letter. Once again i say congratulations and always inform us of your dealings with the dispatch/courier company. Most importantly, you will be responsible for the charges, for the delivery of your parcel,as we have earlier informed you.

Notice: You have being given 7(Seven)days ultimatum to receive your parcel, failure for you to comply, your cheque will be returned back to the issuing house, and subsequently you will end up losing your winnings/funds.Most importantly,you will be responsible for the delivery of your cheque. Please take note.

Congratulations once more our proud winner.Please do ensure that you put this money into good use.And we hope to meet you in the nearest future.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr William Preacher,
Foreign Services Manager,
Claims Processing And
Release Department,UK National Lottery,

International Awareness Promotion (IAP). Kia Motors Limited,

19 Ul,Essex ,PE9 2YP,
London United Kingdom.

This is to notify you on your success as the STAR
PRIZE WINNER of our International Awareness Promotion
(IAP) held in London,United Kingdom.Thereby making you
the proud owner of a brand new Kia Sorento Jeep and
a cash prize of £1,500,000 (One million five Hundred
Thousand GBP)

The selection process was carried out through random
selection in our computerized Email Selection System
(ESS) from a database of over 1,000,000 email
addresses drawn from all the continents of the world.

To begin the processing of your prize you are to
contact the remittance department with the email
address provide below.

James Gardner
[email protected]

Contact him with your secret pin code Kia/001/11234
and your reference number TYT: 12058006/06.
You are also advised to complete your verification
information below:

3. SEX :
6. AGE:

Congratulations once again !

With Best Regards
Jacinta Smith(Miss)
Promo Manager

This message was sent using Manhattan College Webmail.

2008-06-26 21:05:27 -

2008-06-17 05:32:00 -

I come by this means warn all persons to a situation of fraud that occurred on the Internet.
In May of 2008, I made a payment to Mr. Christoper Markus of Karavay Power Technologies Company Limited regarding the purchase of a generator of brand Honda. The generator had a market price much lower than that practiced in Europe.
It is through this scheme that this man and this company burlam potential customers.
The company allegedly has its headquarters in Singapore and Mr. Christoper Markus asked us to send the money through bank transfer to a bank in Indonesia!
Please do not send money to the company Karavay Power Technologies Limited nor for such businesses in Asia. This company appears in various site such as the
Do not send money to Mr. Christoper Markus. Careful, this man can change his name to try other scams.
This is a warning of who was burlado and failed to recover the money.

Yours sincerely


2008-06-09 09:35:52 -
the only thing that I cannot understand is how did they find me.
And if believe these people I should se a millioniar!!!! but I'm still not!

2008-06-09 09:31:06 -
I'm glad to join this very discussion, coz I see now that I'm not the only one who recieves such mails...
From the desk of:

Mr Geoge Akin
International Settlement Dept.
Oceanic bank international Plc

Immediate ATM DEBIT Cash Card Payment Notification

Your Name And Your Contact Details Was Given To This Office In Respect Of Your Total lnherited/Contract Sum Owed To You Which You Have Failed To Claim Because Of Either Non-Compliance Of Official Processes Or Because Of Your Unbelief Of The Reality Of Your Genuine Payment. We Wish To Bring To You The Solution To This Problem.

Right Now We Have Arranged Your Payment Through Our Swift Card Payment Centers, That Is The Latest Instruction From Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS)

This Card Center Will Send To You An ATM DEBIT Card Which You Will Use To Withdraw Your Money In Any ATM Machine In Any Part Of The World, So If You Like To Receive Your Fund In This Way, Please Let Us Know By Contacting Us Back And Also Send The Following Information As Listed Below.

1. Full Name
2. Phone And Fax Number
3. Address Were You Want Them To Send The ATM Card To
(P.O Box Not Acceptable)
4. Your Age And Current Occupation
5. Attach Copy Of Your Identification

We Have Been Mandated By The ECOWAS Parliament To Issue Out $2.6 Million As Part Payment For This fiscal year 2008. Also For Your Information, You Have To Stop Any Further Communication With Any Other Person (S) Or Office(S) To Avoid Any Hitches In Receiving Your Payment.

Note That Because Of Impostors, We Hereby Issued You Our Code Of Conduct, Which Is (ATM-110) So You Have To Indicate This Code When Contacting The Card Center By Using It As Your Subject.

Get back to us with the following Email address.
[email protected] , and call us on the following number as soon as you receive this official letter. +234-7037153183

Wait For Your Expedite Response.

Yours In Service,
Mr Geoge Akin
lnternational Settlement Dept.
Oceanic bank international plc.

2008-05-09 10:18:55 -

I recive a mail form a billion oscar, who said that is the new boss of C. form cote d´Ivoire. He said that wants to buy my house, witch is for sale… he´s talking with me by mail, but i don´t know if can be a fraude…or how can it be one? Can you help me

2008-05-09 10:18:14 -

I recive a mail form a billion oscar, who said that is the new boss of C. form cote d´Ivoire. He said that wants to buy my house, witch is for sale… he´s talking with me by mail, but i don´t know if can be a fraude…or how can it be one? Can you help me

2008-05-08 10:07:37 -
dont believe in the e-mail of the internet the you promis you a sum of money.

2008-04-18 12:20:56 -
Got one yesterday stating I won $820,000 when I did not even enter. It was a Canadian Lottery for a 2010 soccer tourmament. Get this, I have to claim my winnings in Africa, because that who put up the funds...

2008-03-27 05:23:14 - Alexei
Be aware of this Loterry crook!

2008-03-19 11:50:03 - Cameron
I also received the following message; therefore it is definitely a scam.

----- Original Message -----
From: [email protected]
Sent: Monday, July 09, 2007 7:15 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: From, Mrs Rachelle Assaba

From, Mrs Rachelle Assaba
Tell: +22507511817

Dear Friend.
With due respect and humility I write you this letter which I believe you would be of great assistance to me and my children.
I am Mrs Rachelle Assaba, the wife of the late Mr. David E. Assaba Jr of blessed memory. Prior to my husband assassination by the rebel forces loyal to the revolutionary United Front (RUF), he was the Director General National Gold and Diamond Mining Corporation of Sierra-Leone.
Few days before my husband was asassinated, he instructed me and my children (Etienne and Maria) to move out of Sierra-Leone and also to go in his underground strong room where the documents of money he has deposited in a finance company in Abidjan Cote d´Ivoire in one trunk box as family valuables and treasures with the name of my first son Etienne as the beneficiary. The amount is US$4.5 (Four Million five hundred thousand united states dollars).
We managed to escape to Abidjan the Republic of Cote d´Ivoire through the help of my husband´s friend who is a trawler. As our travelling document was seized.I am now looking for a trustworthy and God fearing person who will handle this money for rapid profit for the future of my two fatherless children.
For your information, the security company did not know the real content of the box and we do not wish them to know until the money is transferred to your account.As it was deposited as family valuables and treasures.Meanwhile, I want to leave Cote d´Ivoire entirely for investment of this money in your country and mostly for the future of my children. I want you to please assist us to claim the box from the finance company and to deposit the money in your account as to order the bank to transfer the money to your account in your country. As our foreign partner.
We have it in mind to reward you with a certain percentage for your assistance. As soon as we hear from you. you can reach us by phone at +22507511817, please if you call and I am not at home because my daughter Maria is sick and hospitalised so I spend most time with her at the hopital, so if you call and I am not at home feel free to talk to my son Etienne he will give you more details regarding this transaction; and our terrible condition here.
Finally please ensure that no one else knows about this money as it is only myself my son, and yourself knows about this money. May God protect and guide you as you assist me.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs Rachelle ASSABA.
+22507511817.or Reply to:

2008-02-28 09:59:55 -
I would like to know, whether BANQUE ATLANTIQUE is a real bank and I can make transfers to suppliers through that bank

2008-01-30 21:19:01 -
i have also been sent letters by the name of andrew kemma .not only him but people like jerry reeves ,samuel robrtson.they even took the name of plc bank,world bank and convinced to such extents that i sent some of my identity cards to them.they first of all flashed in our screen that i have won a australian lottery they asked even our bank account no.FRIENDSSS I TELL U NEVER BELIEVE OR BE CARRIED AWAY BY THESE FRAUDS!!!!!!!!!

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