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Discussion : The Internet: A Breeding Ground for Online Pedophiles

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2009-03-25 12:29:59 -
Pedophiles should all be put into General Population in prisons.....they won't last long. One who should be in prison is William Lester Abbey Jr.
He raped his own children and yet no one wants to prosecute this bastard.

I hope Karma comes along soon and allows him to die and go to hell

2005-09-02 04:52:35 -
Good blog

2004-11-14 06:08:23 - stink
pedophilia typically presents in early puberty as a lifelong sexual & emotional attraction to prepubescent children. the assumption that pedophiles are 'bred' reveals a profound ignorance of the whole subject.

typical users of online pornography are jaded sexual dilletantes looking for a thrill, not pedophiles.

this whole site is bogus & agenda driven. take everything you read here w/ a large grain of salt.

2004-10-14 16:39:57 - any
That isn't very constructive.

2004-10-13 18:56:09 -
Very basic, not much on substance, usually get more from my daily newspaper

Total 5 comments
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