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Discussion : Economics of Cybercrime

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2009-07-13 03:30:45 -

2004-05-14 17:56:55 -
I do agree the writer but one thing one thing that he ignored is that many of the culprit commit cybercrime with intentions of earning from it.

2004-05-03 15:12:12 -
I have found the article very interesting and in line with nowadays problems and activities.
The economic justification of investments in ICT security - I agree with the authors of the article - finds a lot of impediments in a generalized lack of awareness in all levels of an enterprise, together with the difficulty in providing the probability of a loss.
Certainly the cited survey carried out every year in the States (CSI/FBI) can be an important source of data. According to my knowledge, we have only a similar survey in Australia. I don't know if some other country is collecting such data. Forecasting probable losses, based only on sampled past data, can be criticized by the top management and the shareholders, but I believe that insisting on this line of action can bring good results. Do you agree that if we have similar surveys conducted in all major industrialized countries, we can have more chances to forecast possible losses, both with frequency and unexpected loss?
I do really hope that investments in security will be very soon approved based on desktop simulations and analysis, and not under strong and urgent pressures due to a series of major disruptions!
Thanks for the attention.

Total 3 comments
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