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Discussion : Cybersecurity in India: An Ignored World

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2008-08-26 07:17:30 - Sushant
Working Group on Cyber Law in India By Mr. Praveen Dalal

Mr. Praveen Dalal why cannot you take the lead in forming a "Working Group" on cyber law in India as well? The Government of India is not only lethargic and corrupt but also would take only “dummy experts” to oblige few selected segments. It is surprising that the industrial and professional bodies have not yet taken any step in this direction. We would support you with whatever limited resources we have in terms of money, technical inputs, manpower, etc. At least we would have a body that can take care of interests of Indian citizens. Looking forward for a positive response from your side.

2008-08-26 07:16:15 - Brijesh
Use Techno-Legal Expertise of Mr. Praveen Dalal, Perry4Law, PTLB and PTLITC

What would Government of India do with hard disks and seized computers if it lacks cyber forensics capabilities? Law enforcement and intelligence in India needs good training. However, providing merely academic coaching would not serve the purpose. They need Techno-Legal training from experts like Mr. Praveen Dalal.

The cyber forensics trends in India-2008 are not very great. Kindly see . For a general discussion on the topic, kindly see

Even if CDAC, Department of Information Technology, Department of Science and Technology, etc are claiming to have sufficient cyber forensics capabilities, in truth they have none. Most of the cyber forensics softwares are freely available on the Internet. But how will you acquire the expertise to use them. Merely saying we have developed “cyber forensics tools” is not sufficient.

After persistent awareness drive by Mr. Dalal the Government finally decided to amend the IT Act, 2000 and allow use of cyber forensics evidence and tools in the courts in India.

Let us hope that a working group on cyber forensics under the chairmanship of Mr. Praveen Dalal would be the next step.

2008-08-21 09:17:41 -
Law enforcement and intelligence in India needs good training. However, providing merely academic coaching would not serve the purpose. They need Techno-Legal training from experts like Mr. Praveen Dalal. For instance, what would you do with hard disks if you lack cyber forensics capabilities?

The cyber forensics trends in India-2008 are not very great.
Kindly see .

For a general discussion on the topic, kindly see

2008-08-19 13:24:49 - Gunjan
Hats off to Mr. Praveen Dalal for his awareness drive. He is undoubtedly the best in the industry. It is unfortunate for the government of India and industry players that they are not in a position to avail his expert services. He has recently come up with the first Indian cyber forensics trends-2008 that is eye opener. I hope the government will now wake up to the realities. This is available at

Some recent interesting posts about him are:



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2008-06-06 03:45:57 -
yes, it is a ignoured world but most surprising and demanding issues for people of india.
Therfore cyber crime nd law awearness should focused.

2007-04-12 08:25:05 -
First time reader! Do you think we will see more scams being perpatrated from India? Do you have any idea's on the type of criminal we might encounter, organized crime or just the average scammer? Great article! You did your homework!

2007-04-09 08:20:15 -
Hi Praveen, Artical is really informative and opens the present situation of cyberlaw, security and forensic awareness in india.

There must be cyber law that support to develop network and information security policy and procedure in india. So, Forensic analysis can be done on that basis and all ICT user will be awared that they are monitored and any kind of breach could be forensically reproduced in a court.

Good on you.



2007-04-01 08:28:20 -

The artical is fine for general reading, content nothing informative regarding computer forensic, not a bit of technical approch.

in my view information security and forensic is not same thing, security can be compared with any type of physical security we use in our daily life, and its a matter of policy and habbit.

but forensic is more serious thing when ever we talk about forensic it means that we think about some short of violation of general rule or breach has already been happend or we are anticipating some crime.

fornsic mainly done after happening of a crime and its purpose is looking for evidence beyond normal evidence.

the author is not clear about the type of forensic he is talking about,
right now two types of forensic is developing

1) Live forensic.

2) Hard drive/storage mediam forensic( CD-DVD,Pendrive,HDD,SIM,MOBILE,PDA,iPod, or any external device which store data)

regarding Live forensic this segment is still developing but the basic principal is to catch the data or information in real time .

for example a suspected employees email transaction can captured and analyzed in realtime in a network environment. and it can be used as evidence. if collected properly i.e according to established legal procedure.

{ lots of free as well as proprietary software is avilable in market.)

As far HDD or storage media forensic is concern the basic principal of forensic is

1)making a image of the whole mediam.

2)makeing a Hash value of that mediam,

3)keep the original ,

4) do analysis and serch for evidence by various searching technology such as key serch.

this technology and market both seems developing is a rapid pace.

there are some big MNCs who are doing big business by providing software solution and few Big 4 MNCs are hiring fornsic experts for providing service.

but in my view these all so hyped forensic business and so called expers will be no use if some simple basic is understood clearly.

( Data recovery is some thing else and its purpose is also different)

the basic thing is that the fornsic expert's expertise is only up to that extent wher data is not over written already.(till now)

i.e recovery of data is all most impossible once it is over written. ( except Megnetic force Microscopy suggested bt petter gutmann,1996, though its not widely established technology.)

so, forensic is almost imposible on a hard drive if it is made a habbit that when ever any thing is deleted it is to be ensure that it is deleted for forever by over write .

or wiped properly ( according to various standers)

{ lots of free as well as proprietary software is avilable in market.)

you may call it anti forensic. but this simple habbit can save your time ,money and reputation.

arup kr gupta , (advocate)

[email protected].

MS is cyberlaw and Information Technology

Indian Institute Of Information Technology, Allahabad, India.

@ this is a personal view of the commentator, and all portion of this comment is a part of his on goin Masters project of MS in cyberlaw and Information security.

the author can be reached for any type of further clarification or disscussion.

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