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Discussion : Cyber Terrorism : The new kind of Terrorism

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2010-01-10 08:21:23 -
What?! Why? why poeple judge so fast.
Please man, don`t confuse the IT/Sec with cyber terrorism. and more important thing. DON~T CONFUSE HACKERS WITH CRACKEKRS. The art of hack can`t be paragonated with cracking. Aniway i`m not a terrorist. Simple a bug tracker on UNIX-like systems. and, i think, if today are to many crackers arround the world, because you permitted him, you (journalists-nsa-fbi) maked a hero these terorrist. You called there genius. you raised him carrier to him maximun level. these guys wont`s only to be catched and to say at the rest of the world. HEY DUDE, i`m here, or i was here.

2006-11-06 05:14:56 -
Cyber terrorism and data protection

2006-10-16 03:03:55 -
Hello big brother and every body,
I am from Myanmar.
I haven't know about Cyber law,Cyber Crime, Cyber Criminal, Cyber attack.
So, I all know of these .
I already know How can i prevent the attacking of cyber criminals.
Pls send me may mail if u can.

with love

2004-04-13 14:51:19 -
Certainly No. Cyberterrorism can be partof traditional terrorism. Actually, cyber crime is part of hacking or cracking.

2004-04-11 14:05:44 -
Is cyber terrorism another name for hacking or cracking or part of it?

Total 5 comments
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