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Discussion : Cryptographic Protection of Computer Information

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2008-03-31 03:21:24 -
How bits are related to digits in the encryption algorithms. Kindly give information about this. In RSA algorithms RSA-140 for example how many bits the number will repersent and number of bits will be represent how many digits

2006-12-27 02:00:34 -
where find about IDEA ALGORITHM

2006-12-27 01:56:28 -
I am going to write diplom adout IDEA
Can you help me .Please write letter me about IDEA
algorithm .I need it very very much.

2005-04-27 08:00:46 - Vikas
But where has it been tested and there must be some ways to crack that have they been found out or just the advantages are knows

Total 4 comments
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