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Discussion : Child pornography: an international perspective

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2010-05-28 12:40:27 -
All definitions of Child Pornography I found tend to focus on the existence of an adult exploiting the minor, which I agree, it's a bad thing. The thing is, nowadays, with kids having access to digital cameras, webcams and computers are able to produce, willingly, without the intermediation of an adult and without intent of profit, their own erotic images and post them online themselves for the world to see. Any twelve year old girl can go into a webcam chat and show her naked body to a male adult who wasn't explicitly looking for her, she just showed up there, naked. This kids are not being coerced to do porn, they just grew up in a different world than ours, where porn has been accessible to them through the internet since day one, they grew up seeing it as something normal that everybody does and they go on line and do it themselves. If an adult consumes this images, is he comiting a crime? How are this cases considered under the law? Kids cannot be punished for willingly producing and posting their own nude images, what about adults who stumble upon them?
Just curious...

2010-04-22 15:15:31 -
The difference between child and adult does not exist in some cultures, children are property which can be still bought for a price, because parents consider their child an item to be sold.
The complete hypocrisy about protecting children in this anti-child porn movement. Children are not being simply damaged by being turned into sex objects. They are being damaged by the fact. Parents do not get along divorce each other. Parents have multiple sex partners. The concept of the single mother is readily accepted. She lives alone, bears more children because of her several affairs. Children know exactly what is going on. Liquor is easily available and consume by kids. The family value of a mother who looks after house and brings up the children. The doting father who goes to work and returns in the evening does not exist any more. Women are working not keeping house. They are senior executives in companies or they are construction workers.
Fathers are working at low salaries, do not have enough to pay for their children's food, leave alone education. Child porn is the least of anyone's problems. Children will on their own choose to live in a comfortable place where they are 'looked after'. Their everyday needs are met.
They would do anything to get off the streets and lived a sheltered life.
Child porn laws only or anti-paedophile laws only increases corruption in the police. There are already so many crimes taking place everyday one paedophile might get arrested others let off because there are murderers, thieves and drug lords to arrest. How much crime is the police able to handle on any given day?.
There were paedophiles before the Internet was even invented. A person who commits a crime does not need encouragement from the media, who commits the crimes because he wants to. The Internet has nothing to do with it.
If anything goes wrong blame the media

2009-08-06 20:43:59 -
puwede bang nmabuhay muli ang mga tao sana bigyan ni god ng pra ang mmga tao

2009-08-06 20:41:34 -
pano san ng galing ang pornograhy

2009-03-01 09:21:21 -
Its strange how the justification for prohibiting child porn is that a child is harmed in the production process, yet possesion of images and videos of people being killed (for example by terrorists) is not a crime. Clearly the laws regarding child porn are emotive and based on hysteria rather than fact. Possesion of an image should never be a crime. I'm not justifying the rape of children however.

2008-05-06 02:25:10 -
i like to protect the children in our countrien, what they need.
bacause we are university level,
that is that

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2008-02-08 10:41:33 -
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