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Discussion : IT expert warns of cyber-crime threat

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2004-12-03 23:17:22 -
Student at Baker University majoring in Business Management. Personally, I believe that it would benefit the entire world to come up with a world wide security infrastructure in order to motivate individual nations to be responsible for implementing and maintaining Intranet security laws. The standards and penalties for non-compliance should be strict. The first step would be to put together a team of world leaders, lawyers, IT experts, and economists in order to come up with and implement a cohesive plan for moving forward. This problem will only get worse if we do not try to bring the world together and work side by side to eliminate this crime that affects the entire world. If we continue the way we are, by working on this as individuals, we will essentially be taking one step forward and two steps back and ultimately find it difficult to stay ahead of this criminal element. All Nations!

2004-04-11 16:32:42 -
"I would characterise the Gulf region as being more malicious vandal types of attacks," he told the GDN yesterday.

"Over the last month or so most of the virus and worm attacks coming into my system have come from the region. Most recently from Oman, but a lot of them come from Kuwait."

I would love to see his supporting evidence but I'll just bet there is none. The vast majority of attacks and hostile code I have analyzed over the past four years is originating from the Americas, Europe, Russia and S. Korea. The only attacks I have studied from the region of the mideast originated from Israel, not from their Arab neighbors.

Total 2 comments
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