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January 2003
  1. Theft of 500,000 Defense Employee Records Could Be One of the Largest ID Theft Cases Ever
  2. The year the criminals took over
  3. Cyber crime fighter
  4. Macro and script viruses dying off
  5. Cyberthreats not to be dismissed, warns Clark
  6. Think tank: Cyberthreat overrated
  7. Upgrading PCs can be easier
  8. The World's Oldest Profession Meets the New Economy
  9. The CSI NetSec network security conference
  10. The CSI 30th Annual Computer Security Conference
  11. Osama access to state secrets helped 9/11
  12. Teen Charged With Identity Theft
  13. Is our infrastructure vulnerable?
  14. Cyber Crime Soars 80% from 2001
  15. Scotland Yard Selects Guidance Software's EnCase to Combat UK's Computer Crime
  16. Internet Predators Beware
  17. Two in Reserve: A Policy for Countering Cyber-Terrorism
  18. Three cybercrime suspects denied bail
  19. Does cyberwar start with scholarships?
  20. Tech-cops in the offing
  21. Techs who accused professor in child porn case set to sue
  22. Hackers Invade Texas A&M Phone Syste
  23. The Colonel's Network Warfare
  24. Feds enlist hacker to foil piracy rings
  25. UN summit could spark Net regulation talks
  26. Want to know the ten most critical web app vulnerabilities?
  27. Sobig worm stomps on PCs
  28. Investigator gives glimpse into world of Internet crime
  29. RIAA calls hacking claim a hoax
  30. Iraqi Computer Attacks Feared
  31. DOJ official urges simpler laws, resources to fight cybercrime
  32. The threat of CyberTerrorism evaluated
  33. Cyber crime gang busted^; PTCL suffers huge losses
  34. Security predictions 2003: Future not so bright
  35. Paedophiles: Tightening the net
  36. Trolling the Web for perverts
  37. Courts weigh Internet access by cybercriminals
  38. ISP ordered to identify Kazaa user
  39. De-radicalise Pak, stop terrorist funding channel: Pant
  40. Feds Seek Public Input on Hacker Sentencing
  41. Cyber-terrorism
  42. New lab will teach cyber-policing statewide
  43. Viruses: Know your enemy
  44. UK virus writer sentenced to two years in prison
  45. UK virus writer sentenced to two years in prison
  46. Cyberspace protection is in need of money
  47. Crime Is Soaring in Cyberspace
  48. Profiling Software Ferrets Out Hackers
  49. Monitoring criminals' Internet use is a matter of law
  50. Blanket hack muffles RIAA site--again
  51. Kuwait Computer Crime Chief Attending U.S. Summit
  52. Experts: Internet Attack Hunt Difficult
  53. A crime wave festers in cyberspace
  54. CERT's 'favoritism' draws fire
  55. Canada's biggest Identity theft?
  56. Experts on Internet security doubt FBI can track down source of weekend attack

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