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Julie Posey, a 38-year-old wife and mother spends her days surfing the Internet and visiting chat rooms.

This may not seem too unusual in the technology age but Posey is not chatting with family and friends, playing games or downloading recipes. She is lurking in the darkest corners of the Internet watching for the men and women who want to sexually exploit a child.

"When I see something suspicious, I pass the information on to law enforcement for further investigation." Posey says, "It may be someone in a chat room attempting to lure a child into a face to face meeting or it may be someone who has posted an ad online encouraging children as young as seven-years-old to post nude photos of themselves on the Internet."

Posey's dedicated mission has led to numerous arrests and convictions in California, Colorado, Kansas, Florida, and Ohio. Among them was an Orange County California judge who was indicted on six federal counts of possession of child pornography in 2001.

In November, Posey, her husband, teenage daughter, cat, and dog left Colorado to move to Wellington where they can be closer to family. "I love Wellington." Posey said, "The people are very helpful and friendly."

Posey has appeared on numerous national radio and TV shows over the past year. And after a story it the front page of the Los Angeles Times earlier this year, six movie producers called her in one week. A movie about her life is now under development.

She has also written a book about her life and her work, "They Call Me Kendra", which is scheduled to be released in January.

Posey plans to continue her work as a cyber crime fighter. She has a Web site at where she has tips for parents about how to keep their children safe from online predators.

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