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Scotland Yard Selects Guidance Software's EnCase to Combat UK's Computer Crime
(by Matthew Zintel)

PASADENA, Calif., Jan. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Guidance Software, the world leader in computer and enterprise investigation software, today announced that the London Metropolitan Police Service, the UK's largest police force, chose EnCase Forensic Edition as its standard tool to fight computer crime.

As part of the UK's ongoing crackdown on hacking and other electronic offenses, EnCase software and training from Guidance Software assists Scotland Yard's Computer Crime Unit in properly preserving, analyzing and documenting vital digital evidence. EnCase technology has also been used by the Scotland Yard Computer Crime Unit in major cases involving child pornography, virus writing and denial of service.

"Encase Forensic Edition is the cornerstone of many of our investigations," said Detective Inspector Clive Blake, head of New Scotland Yard's Computer Crime Unit. "Coupled with FastBloc IDE devices and field- kits, this significantly augments our ability to deal with Computer Crime."

Scotland Yard's Computer Crime Unit now employs EnCase Forensic Edition software, as well as several FastBloc write-blocking hardware devices to ensure that all evidence meets strict forensic standards and chain of custody requirements, allowing evidence discovered by EnCase to be effectively submitted to the court. EnCase is court-validated and proven in the field by over 8,000 corporate and law enforcement users worldwide.

"The expanding international growth of EnCase illustrates Guidance Software's commitment to providing law enforcement agencies around the world with the fastest, most reliable computer forensic software available," said Bob Sheldon, senior vice president at Guidance Software. "Implemented by the Metropolitan Police, one of the most technologically-advanced law enforcement agencies in Europe, EnCase is clearly the premier tool used by computer investigators."

"We are pleased to provide the UK's top computer crime experts with the latest forensic technology," Sheldon continued. "More than 550 UK investigators have attended Guidance Software's forensics courses, reaffirming EnCase's significant overseas growth."

Guidance Software

Guidance Software is the world leader in providing computer and enterprise investigation solutions. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Pasadena, CA, Guidance Software, Inc., has offices and training facilities in California, Virginia and the United Kingdom. With more than 8,000 corporate and government users worldwide and forensic methodology training provided to more than 2,300 students annually, Guidance Software has received numerous awards for its Windows-based EnCase forensic tool.

Guidance Software's EnCase Enterprise Edition, the first-ever forensics platform and framework allowing organizations to immediately respond to enterprise information incidents and threats, provides instantaneous preview, analysis and acquisition of all digital information connected to a wide-area network. EnCase Forensic Edition is Guidance Software's court-validated solution that provides law enforcement, corporate investigators and government authorities with powerful forensic, information auditing, analysis and IT management tools. For more information, visit Guidance Software's Web site at .

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