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Discussion : Hackers vs terrorists: online anti-jihad

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2005-09-02 00:05:06 -
Your blog is very interesint

2005-08-19 02:40:49 - Oliver Twist
War is bad.

2005-08-01 18:36:42 -
Poor Nieve person,
Look they are only following the cookie trail. We are far from a WW3, and Noone wants this to happen. Too many people will die. Technology wins all. Only cowards kill civillians, even more thier own people.

2005-07-31 12:05:49 - G
can I say something like negative to your topic? erm, well, jihad is good overall. but you didnt understand the truth about jihad.jihad means sacrifice for the sake of islam.for those who bomb london is not jihad at all.jihad is what happening in iraq because intruders disturbing their peace so to fight back they do jihad.yeah that's for their own sake.
some might say the 3rd world war will erupt.we'll see...

Total 4 comments
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