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Discussion : UK Hacker Loses Extradition Hearing

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2008-08-02 06:29:36 -
Gary McKinnon, the UK back bedroom hacker should not be held guilty. It is the IT security staff at NASA, the US Government who need a "good talking to in good old English Engineering Language" for their sheer incompetence in letting him get away with it.
He should have been fdisked as soon as he was found out. If he was using windows this is a really tivial task to take the attacking PC down, after over 40 years in computing from IBM STRETCH in 1961 to todays networked pC, this is the only way to deal with attackers. Its quick, cheap aaand highly successful. You cannot defend by putting the wagons in a circle. You have to send out the "Long Knives" to massacre the "Injuns" in their teepees!
But remember to have a legal warning on your site that permits vicious, excessive strike back against any attacker.

Total 1 comments
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