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Hackers kidnapped 59,000 students

Date: March 30, 2005
Source: OverclockersClub
By: Matt Cameron

Nearly 59,000 people may have their personal information at the hands of a hacker that cracked in to computer servers at the California State University. Officials are alerting students, former students, and prospective students, that their personal information including their Social Security number, may have been obtained from the attack which happened three weeks ago, said spokesman Joe Wills.

"It looked like it was illegal access to do some, perhaps, some downloading of files. In investigating it we realized the hackers had some access to a great deal of personal information.", Wills said.

"We have no indication that the hackers used the information.. But we can't say for sure," Wills said. "My understanding is that to this point we haven't had any success in figuring out who did it."

According to sources, the hacker installed software on the servers so that he could personally store files on them and software that would allow him to break into other computers.
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