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Gates vows 'all-out war' against Net crime

Date: January 30, 2005
Source: IOL

Hamburg - Microsoft founder Bill Gates says he has launched an "all-out war" against crime on the Internet, according to an interview published on Saturday in a German news magazine.

"I have set a number of strategic priorities that have to be achieved, like winning battles in an all-out war," he told Der Spiegel.

Gates will be in Germany on Monday to unveil his effort to eliminate Internet fraud and phishing - illicit attempts to gain confidential information from Internet users.

"In some areas the bad guys have become very clever - and sometimes even more sophisticated than we ever imagined possible," Gates said.

"But we are making enormous progress in eliminating spam and other unwanted and often illegal junk messages," he said.

He cautioned that Microsoft cannot win the battle alone.

"This is not a battle that can be won by one individual company," said.

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