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Discussion : Amazon, Microsoft team up against online fraud

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2010-09-17 16:52:54 -
Amazon A-Z claims are completely crap and robs sellers of their hard earned MONEY! A buyer can just file a claim and get their money back and they are not required to return the item to the seller. This is what, we in real life call: aiding and abating in theft. Every seller who has had this happened to them, please report Amazon to the FTC (find instructions below). Believe me, Amazon is letting scam artists get away with A LOT of money and merchandise at the sellers expense. DO NOT SELL WITH THEM!! I advised any seller to go to another seller site and steer clear of Amazon cause you have NO protection against the A-Z claim process; not even signature confirmation sent with the package will deny Amazon from issuing a refund. Plus, Amazon refunds the money to the client but keeps their 15% they made off you; you end up paying more in the long run. If you sell on Amazon, be aware that you will just need to bend over and let the buyers screw you any which way they can!


Any seller who has had an A-Z claim filed against them where Amazon has granted the buyer a full refund BEFORE the buyer returned your seller merchandise, please head on over to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) website and file a complaint immediately! You can find the FTC website by doing a search under any search engine.

Upon reaching the site, on the right hand corner there will be a link called "Consumer Complaint? Report it to the FTC", simply click on the link and then on the following page, under the FTC Complaint Assistant, there will be a sentence that reads, "Click HERE to file a complaint", click on "here" and then follow the step-by-step questions until you ultimately can document your grievance against Amazon's A-Z claim service.

Since Amazon is issuing refunds and not requiring the buyers to return items under their A-Z Claims, Sellers have every right to report the theft of their items to the FTC so a thorough investigation can be conducted by this agency. I advise all sellers who have been a victim of Amazon's policies to report them to the FTC immediately! All reports made on the FTC website is considered confidential.

Total 1 comments
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