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Discussion : Internet Fraud - The E-Bay Community Model

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2004-05-08 09:54:58 -
Dear Sir/Madam

We wish to e-mail you details on our new smart ID Key system, which will deter use of STOLEN, FORGED and FAKE documents, which in turn will deter card fraud, cheque fraud, bankers' draft fraud, identity fraud, bogus con-trader fraud, prescription fraud, mail order and on-line fraud, faked fraud, ATM fraud etc. simply by making signature and PIN number reliable and virtually 100% foolproof.

This honesty restoring system will enable media to help police to prosecute fraudsters without effort, cost and fuss.

Sooner or later we will have to use this universal system because Hi-Tech is making signature and PIN number systems more and more unreliable plus proposed biometric systems will not protect every transaction.

We need your support to expose this system to the public before it is too late to stop a major fraud boom.

We hope to receive your request for more information soon. If you wish, you can contact us on Tel.01204 660733 or Mobile 07989 344509 to discuss unique advantages of using this smart ID Key system.

Thank you.


Mr.Yogesh Raja (Managing Director)

Visual Security International limited, P.O.Box 493, Bolton, Lancs. BL3 4YD, U.K.

Tel. 01204 660733 Mob. 07989 344509 E-mail

Total 1 comments
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