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Discussion : Israeli hackers attack Islamic portal

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2005-10-28 07:12:46 -
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2005-09-28 22:53:55 -
Los Angeles Superior Court

2005-09-12 13:00:34 -
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2004-03-31 15:11:27 -
Answer to whoever hides behind the alias "DuPage"

1. GCAT ( is an international organization fighting terroristm and terrorist infrastructures, whether connected to islamic terrorists, jewish or others. Unfortunately, there is much more of the former kind than of the latter.

2. As for killing Arabs in Israel - we are condemning activities by terrorist organizations (look our report on arrest of "Kahane Chai" activists by Israeli police) but do not expect us to regret about the demise of the known terrorist mastermind.

3. As for lies about Islam - just look at the fatwas on (on Chechnia, Iraq, Palestine etc.). They wrote this - not us.

2004-03-31 08:53:57 -
HAHAHA look you all bickering over these things......listen to kevin 'bloody' wilson

2004-03-30 16:06:14 -
all these poeple here arguing over fatwa, terrorism etc......they are just being controlled by other men...

these men are normally the religious 'leaders' in all religions....

all I have to say is read your qouran or whatever holy book you follow and STOP listening to what other people do these poeple know what god wants anyway...all they do is 'interpret' the holy books...

follow your GOD not your 'religious leaders'.

2004-03-30 08:29:28 -
Just for the information: is part of the Israeli terrorist infrastructure. Their goal is to spread false propaganda on islam and cover-up israeli terror. Look at their site, it say nothing about Israeli terror which human organization have condemned. The board of have a known extreme terror promoters of killing Arabs in Israel.

2004-03-29 12:47:28 -
Just for the information: is part of terrorist infrastructure. Look at the fatwas calling to Jihad ( or lamentations for dead terrorists.

Total 8 comments
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