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Discussion : Microsoft: Global anti-piracy initiative

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2005-08-01 09:02:11 -
Maybe if the price of the OS and other software was not so jacked up the working class people could aford it and not turn to other sources for the software. Microsoft and others seem to forget that many people live pay check to pay check, and don't have $100 to $200 dollers to spend on sofware but with out it the children and the adults suffer. Children can't advance in school, adults can't advance in the work place.

2005-07-28 22:41:30 -
Interesting BS from MS.

I know my copy of Windows is legal. I bought it and I registered it. So I am not in the least concerned.

I see these 'special' offers as just another avenue for revenue by selling more bloated products riddled with security holes.

It really is all about the money . . .

Total 2 comments
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