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Discussion : Internet Puppy Scam

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2011-02-22 10:51:35 -
It all started with Lillian and James had referred me to Dr. Paul after I had contacted them about puppies they had posted for sale and they stated they did not have anymore at that time, but they had purchased there Mother and Father English Bulldogs from Dr. Paul and that he had e-mailed them with two pups he had left.
I have been dealing with a about a 12 week old English Bulldog named Cali, he had West Pet Transporters contact me for the purchase and shipping $600.00 by Western union to Porta Rico then I was contacted by "Muna" , in which I had to pay $720.00 for insurance of my puppy by Western Union to Camroon Africa. Then I was contacted by global delivery man stating he had picked my puppy up from our local Airport and I had to pay for custom fee to West Pet before he could deliver her, there was another $240.00 Western Union to Camroon Africa that is also to be refunded. Friday 2/18/2011 they said Cali was stolen from the deliveryman. Monday 2/21/11 at 5 AM I get an E-Mail from Dr.Paul just stating Cali had been found no other information. I have not heard anything else from him or any of the companies. How can I get my money back or my puppy?

2010-10-05 13:17:05 -
So here is a personn trying to scam me.
The sender is


hi again
so happy reading from you once more and i want to inform you that we have the best selection of potty trained and healthy yorkies,all we are searching for is a loving and caring family to take care of the puppies,the nature of our job at the moment and the health of our son is a problem as of now,so we think giving out the puppies is a good idea,we are taking our time to find the best home for them but we do hope you can offer the puppy that love and care if we offer you one,we would not want our babies be resold,if you decide to have one you will have to cherish and love the puppy all your life,you have to promise us that you will not resell as we just discovered many people always take pups offered to them for free and resell,we do not want that to ever happen.
Since we are currently based in Cameroon working for action aid charity,we shall be shipping the puppy to you,all we want you to pay is just the shipping and nothing else,we do not want to sell them as we know not everybody who spend 1000$ to buy a Yorkie can take very good care of the puppy,some people are willing to offer the pups love and care but do not have much money to buy,so we consider the welfare of our puppies as our top priority,we take precautions in to finding a perfect home for them,that is why we require you pay just the shipping and nothing else.
shipping the puppy from here will take just 5 hours to reach your nearest airport location,we shall be sending the puppy to you by plane and the puppy will be enclosed in an electronic crate which is well ventilated so as to ensure its safety while in transit to you in united states,there is also a possibility for us to arrange so that the puppy gets delivered to you right at your home if you wish,its just that as we inquired door steps delivery cost an extra 30$,shipping charges to your local airport cost 160$ for each puppy and if you want home delivery you pay a total of 190$ for each puppy and we shall arrange so that the puppy is delivered to you right at your home.
your safety is ensured as we are honest people who work for a charity unit known as the actionaid charity,you can have a look at the charity website at if you wish. you will be required to pay for the shipping so that your puppy gets delivered to you,its either you pay directly to the carrier that we shall use or you pay to us so that we take care of everything at the airport,but we want to ensure and also tell you that your safety is guaranteed .if you are okay and will love to get one of our baby delivered to you soonest you just have to get back to us and let us know and we shall proceed immediately with the delivery arrangements. we just attach our picture to this mail so that you can know us and the people you are chatting with.
so if all is okay by you,do get back and we shall proceed immediately with the delivery arrangements.
we end here and awaits your soonest reply.
Stay Bless

Day 3
thanks for getting back again,we wait for your mail yesterday and was beginning to get worried as you did not answer to us back yesterday,but we are very glad to know you want to have both two puppies and we are very proud to know you can take very good care of them.
already we started making arrangements yesterday and now the puppies are just ready to go out as soon as you want them,we shall be very happy if you decide to have them delivered to you tomorrow. you can try to reach us via (+23796593873),call us and we shall talk more regarding the puppies. if in case you want us to talk on chat you can just add our messenger address now to your own so that we chat instantly and arrange delivery of the puppies( so feel free to add us now and lets talk more over messenger

2010-10-05 13:15:39 -
So here is a personn trying to scam me.
The sender is


Hello dear friend,
milo ,nelly and casy are a happy little bundle of fluff. they loves hugs, kisses, tummy rubs and peeks behind their ears. They loves both the indoors and outdoors, playing fetch, and are especially happy when they gets treats. When it comes to toys, they likes rope and rubber chicken best. They can be really sneaky too, always getting into some mischief when no one's looking.
Milo nelly and casy are an absolutely adorable babies, they are only 3ibs at 12 weeks old. Estimated adult structure 4.1ibs. brown , baby doll face, with tiny ears. They are tiny for breeding or showing, but absolutely gorgeous. They have been home raised with lots of TLC and pre-spoiled for their new home and are very friendly.They are an excellent example of an extreme lovely Yorkie babies.They are already willing to go to their new pets loving and caring home.
:-they are house/Potty Trained.
:-they eat 3 times daily and at afternoons she drinks Milk .
:-they are socialized with kids and other house hold pets .
:-they love to be carried a lot and be spoiled.
:-they love to be kissed .
:-they are 12 Weeks old and weighs 1.6kg
So please i will want you to promise me in Gods
name that you are going to take good care of them and provide them with all the love they need.So i am Located ice bay Cameroon and the flight will take about 5 hours duration and that will be very
comfortable and safe.I will like to have the below information's from you so that i can be clearly convince that you will provide a good and lovely home for this baby.So Please i will like to know the following from you to see if my baby will be in good loving home
1:Whats your full names and where are you located(Mr/Mrs)?
2:Are you Married?
3:Do you have kids.if yes are they going to take good care of milo ,nelly, casy?
4:Do you have a large yard that they can play in?
5:Are you a breeder?
6:Do you think on breeding them?
7:How soon do you need them?

Would it be possible for you send us monthly pictures so
we can know how the puppies are doing fine in their new home.Sorry for asking such
questions but we are just trying to look a good and loving home for our
baby.The puppies are very dedicated to what we may ask of them and they are very
kind.they enjoy retrieving toys, but mostly loves the attention of the
family. With little training they follow commands.please if you know
that you will take good care of the puppies i will be glad to read
from you..
stay bless.

2010-08-26 15:46:41 -
BTW, there are tons of anti-scam/anti-fraud web sites out there. I recommend, since they have similar reports on there. We all must unite because these desperate times have people looking for deals that, quite frankly, are rarely out there. Scammers don't care that you are working multiple jobs and have tons of kids and bills to pay for.. They just want the easy life so let's make it harder on them by raising awareness of these common practices. Some of the smarter ones out there put up web sites and toll-free numbers but there are always ways of getting beyond the surface and getting to the root of their crap.


...Spread the word!

2010-08-26 15:41:41 -
We received almost the same EXACT e-mail messages from an alleged Paul Smith (one of many lame pseudonyms, I am sure). It smelled fishy to me so I did a little research and "hacking", if you will... Guess what I found out? This very same scam is happening around the world!

Fortunately, this particular ring of scammers has become quite cocky so they follow their MO very closely and regurgitate the same lines of crap over and over again. They prey mainly on people that show they are desperate, overly-excited, and/or lonely.

As all the other anti-scam sites recommend, always do the following when buying anything online:

* Try to stick to reputable companies and use auction sites as a last resort.
* Ideally, deal with local contacts and meet face-to-face.
* Use secured, traceable payment methods so that you can fight the false charges when the product/pet is not delivered as promised.
* Report suspicious activities to the BBB, FTC, FCC, and anyone that will listen.
* Blog, post, Tweet about your experience so that the word spreads out quickly!
* Validate all points of contact by getting as much contact information as possible.
* Check web sites to see how long the domains have been registered, who owns them, how many other sites they own, and the like.

In short, do your homework and, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't. Most communities have bulletin boards and trusted classified ads that afford you the opportunity to meet people and really get a feel for them. That's usually preferred.

Of course, I know a good deal is hard to pass up soooo.. make sure you ask probing questions and, if the answers seem prepared/scripted, you know what's going on. Bad grammar is often a dead give-away too, sadly. =oX

Be careful out there, friends - scammers want your hard-earned money because they are too dumb to do something worthwhile for a living! ;o)

2010-05-18 13:01:06 -

We are very happy to read from you so soon,And i have just attached
some of the pics and we are sure you are going to loves and spoil them
with love ,cuddle , attention and provide
the with all thier needs . We need them to go into a lovely and caring and
a forever home. firstly let me tell you about them .
. they are veterinary checked and
vaccinated and have all health records till date and all papers . So
we are giving them to a good home and for ever home .. they are very
sensitive and possesses the following qualities:
- they are house Trained and Potty.
- they do not bark a lot.
- they eat 2 times daily ..
- they are socialized with kids and other house hold pets
- they love to be carried a lot and be spoiled.
- they love to be kissed .
- they get angry when you shout at them, so please do not do that ok.
- they are 11 Weeks old
- they bark when they see strangers.
they will come with all details of vaccination , de-wormed and microchip
Since we have made up our mine to let the baby into to your home Can
you promise us that the puppies will be well look after and you guys
will keep us up dated with monthly pictures so we can know how the
puppies are doing over there with you .Since you guys are not so close to
us we shall use the Pet Delivery Carrier and they will get the
puppies delivered at your home
address that you will provide to us . Also we shall require all your
details to do the change of ownership papers and the details is as
Full names......
House address..........
City............. .....
Land line number..............
Mobile number.....................
E-mail address.................
As soon as we have the details , we shall prepare the change of ownership
papers before we do the delivery registration with the Carrier . Do get back to
us with the details so we can prepare the change of ownership papers and do the
delivery registration with the Courier. Thanks and we shall be waiting to read
from you will have to pay just 495 CHF and that is directly to
the Courier company.and also send all the relevant
papers work via the Courier you will paying directly to
them and not to me because my main objective is for this puppy to have
a lovey family ,so the 495 CHF is for the delivery of one puppy to your
doorstep ok. 495 CHF for puppy and the delivery charges .HERE IS MY
NUMBER 0447055119992 i am in London.
Attached to this mail are some pics of my male pup and i do hope you
admired the.
Awaiting you kind response soonest.

2010-05-18 13:00:29 -
Hi, i think someone tried to scam me too. It was placed in an paper saying they were living near Zurich, Switzerland, and i wrote to find out about price (because i want to get a puppy but not just yet, but i was curious as to prices here) they wrote me back the below, and when i told them no, it was too much, and i would rather pick up the puppy or adopt locally they kept pushing...the continued pushing is what has convinced me it is a scam. Thankfully i did not give them any personal information. Oh, i have also been a golden retriever owner my whole life, and the photos they sent me were not of pure bred goldens like they claimed...

This is the email they sent me, similar to one i read below (read from bottom to top:

Thanks so much for the mail of interest regards the puppies we have 2
puppies left,called LILLY AND TOM
We have one male and one female puppies now available and they
are 11 weeks old, they have very good temperament with kids and other
pets,very playful love to play around ,they are
health guaranteed and U KC registered.....they are up to date on all
their shots and they will be coming along side with their health
papers and vet records...... First i which to let you know that we are
given these puppies out because my mum just died.
. Since she is now late , We can't keep the puppies here
in such condition because each time we see them , we keep thinking of
her .So we want to given them out to a lovely and caring home ,where
they can be treated as such and keep us up dated on monthly
progress will you be able to come over here for the pick up ,we shall
be very great

Below are just some few question we asked.

Where are you located?
Do you have any kids ?
Have you ever own a pet before ?
can you be specific about the breed so that i am truly sure you are
serious about them
Have you ever own this breed of puppy before?

Why are you interested on this breed?
How soon do you need the puppies over?
Which sex are you interested on?
Sorry for all the question , but we just want to be sure that the
puppies is going to the right home and they will be having all the
love and attention they need .

Below are document the puppies will be coming alongside with.
*U KC Registered
*1 Year Health Warranty
*Micro-Chipped (In case ever lost or stolen)
*Current on all vaccinations
*Puppy Packet
my regards and i await your soonest reply

2010-05-16 16:02:56 -
I just received this email and Im unsure if its a scam. What do you all think? The sender is

1st email:
Hello, Do you have Shih Tzu puppy for sale male or female if you have a puppy for sale ready for a new home, kindly get back to me cos is a gift and a suprise for my son birthday.
2nd email:
I will like to make payment for one of the male puppies but i'll need your name and address to mail you a cashier check payable to your name so you can cash immidiately you get it Kindly get back to me cos is very urgent, is a gift for my son i have big fenced yard and time to Nuetered/spayed him.

I have been having a serious vocal damage for over two years now in a gasly accident i sustained i dont like to talk about it but i could have called you , am going for my surgery any moment from now due to my bad voice i hardly talk well as soon as am done with my surgery i will come by and pick him cos is better i make the payment and pick him later when am through with my operation than to wait till then and some will buy him away, i consider that as good plan so kindly get back to me with your full name and address to mail the check to you by tuesday.

Me: Im sorry to hear about your accident. I like to get a litttle background about the people that are going to buy my puppies, if you dont mind. It helps me feel better. Also what is your name and where are you located (address)?

3rd email: Here is my address-8551 W Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33322 and my name is Daniel milton.

I did give him my name and address but I feel uneasy. What do you think?

2010-04-13 07:53:21 -
Thanks for contacting me regarding my puppies..........I have two  still available to any one prepared to provide them with enough care and love, where they will be well spoil with all their need..........they are now 12 weeks old and they have very  good temperament with kids and other pets,very playful  love to play around with toys and kids,they are health guaranteed and  AKC registered........they are up to  date on all their shots and they will be coming along side with their health papers and vet records......They are called Nina  and Dela  and i am actually giving them out because they were always cared and looked after by my husband(smith) but with a heavy heart i lost smith and he was all I got ,i work with a global,broad-based health care company devoted to discovering new medicines, new technologies and n e w ways to manage health.smith died in an accident last  months on his way back from work and i have very bad memories when i see these puppies around me,because they were always together with him since i am always busy in the laboratory..i really need to give them to someone who can really care and love them just the way smith used to..These puppies have been very lonely since smith passed away so the best thing i decided on as my colleague advised me was to send them to a loving home ...i really count on you if you can be there for them..I am located in Los Angelos CA and all you are going to pay is just for their flight ticket which will cost you  only 150$ for one and 300$ for both puppies for me to fly the puppies to you .
Please may I also ask you a few questions?
1)...Where are you located? 
2) you have kids?      3)...Can you also promise that you will take good care of them?
4)...How soon are you ready to have them home?
At least with this information,i will get to know better where they will be going to.......See their pictures below.Nina is the female puppy while Dela is the male puppy.i just hope you will love them.......I will also like you to promise me that you
 will always send their pictures to me monthly so that i can see how they are doing in your home.......Below is an attachment of their most recent pictures for you to see.i  will be waiting for your mail asap.. thanks and God bless you

2010-03-05 19:50:07 -
he is a scammer please do report him

2010-01-20 03:20:01 -
I was almost duped!

2009-12-09 17:25:01 -
I have paid the $300 registration fee, and now they are asking for a $790 insurance fee which is refundable upon the puppy's arrival at my doorstep. This is definetely a steep amount, and I am just really worried before sending another sum of it. This is all from Diamond Pet Express, and I have received two phone calls today. Any advice is good.

2009-12-02 14:51:54 -
Just another email address to watch out for. I was 5 minutes from being scammed. and

Both stated they were here in the united states but the number for the transportation was in Africa...

I'm so glad it was going to be a xmas gift for the kids and nothing was said they would have been so disappointed.

2009-10-22 10:46:31 -

Here is a recent series of email that was sent to me concerning a puppy to give away. There is conflicting information in the two emails and I am convinced it is a scam. I will apologize if I'm wrong. I hope this is helpful to someone.


"PAULA wrote:

Hello Don,

My name is Paula ....., i was told to contact you regarding our female Akita puppy, below was the email sent to me to contact you. I have been married to my husband for 2 years without having our own kids and now we just moved into a new apartment that won't allow us to keep Stella into our home, we have decided to give her out to caring and loving family to adopt her into their home as family member due to the fact that we are deaf couples and needed home for our little baby we have decided to look online to see if you can adopt our baby into your home. Can i please know where you are located as well as telling us how ready you are to take a puppy into your home. I await your immediate response. Stay Blessed."

Hi Paula,

Where are you located? Please let me know before we continue.
Thanks for your understanding.


"Hello Don,

Thanks for responding concerning our little puppy. Our little puppy is health guaranteed. We are deaf couples that have been married for 3 years without having children of our own and the reason why we are giving out our beautiful baby is because we are not allowed to have own pets in the new apartment we just moved in so that was why we had to give Stella out for adoption to a sweet and loving home.

Stella was born in Utica, New York, and we made the trip to our new home here in Maryland when she was 8 weeks old. Stella is our 11 weeks old puppy. Her favorite things to do are sleep, cuddle, and give lots and lots of sloppy puppy kisses. We couldn't be happier with her! She's a very smart pup and has already learned sit, shake hands, lay down, and high five.

Stella is a very loving and affectionate puppy, and she has so much energy. She loves to play with all of her toys; her favorite toy is her purple squeaky cow. One of his favorite moments of the day is running around playing ball. She also loves rolling over for tummy rubs. Stella is learning obedience training. She always listens and she is the most behaved when we have a constant supply of treats for praise. Stella enjoys lots of snoozes throughout the day and loves to nap on the sun lounger.

Overall, she is a sensitive and smart puppy. In her puppy obedience class, she saw a small Yorkie that was crying, and although none of the other young puppies wanted to play with her, Stella ventured out and performed her play bow move which finally got the young Yorkie to loosen up and enjoy the class. Stella is a true pup and loves the outdoors.

She is house broken and Stella already loves kids and other dogs.. She is perky, lively and loving. She wants a home that will love and cherish her and we are asking a re homing fee of $300 and also we would love to know more about you. We have also attached Stella's current pictures too."

"Thank you and remain blessed"

Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 18:12:32 -0400
Subject: Re: About my female Akita puppy

2009-10-22 03:25:21 -
it has happend to me in england many times. especially from websites such as and freead classifieds. luckily though i have not sent any money. The wording of the email you first recieve is the key to working out if it is a scammer. They always have some dramatic story as to why the puppy is for sale, i have even been told on occasion that the puppy was a mans daughters who had died!! its sick. Alsothey tend to ask about all family members names which they do not need. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!! there is alot of these things going about.

But dont let it put you off, there are many genuine sales on the internet. Just make sure you follow the rules.

Always see the puppy in person first
Dont send money before you have seen puppy
Try not to buy from abroad
If it free its probably too good to be true
Pick up puppy from supplier once purchased, and pay for puppy on pick up. Many delivery services used are fruadulent!!!!!

Follow the rules and you will have happy puppy searching!!!

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