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Discussion : Putin defies Convention on Cybercrime

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2008-04-12 04:11:34 -
Russia may have its own views about signing the European Convention.But the fact remains that today internet has brought in lots and lots of information abount varios subjects.For Example Latest developments in education,medical,health protection ,latest scientific developments,scientific and industrial designs ,Phamaceutical compositions,Drugs for various diseases,the symptoms and cure available for various diseases etc.This information which is presently available to a common man sitting in his house or a internet cafe at free of cost or negligible costs.This valuable information shared by individuals and professionals from every corner of the world is not only used for improving the lives of common man but it is also helping for the intellectual and over all development of an individual person so that tomorrow they also can contribute their own inventions for the benefit of man kind.
To day the scope of computer usage is increased and is avalable easily for any person .This became the cause for some unsrupulous persons to commit criminal offences and cause severe losses to the individuals and also to certain organisations and companies.The solution for this is not by totalling blocking the usage of the computer internet but by putting a check on these offences.This can be achieved when all countries come forward and form a universal security platform for all computer users by making or amending their existing laws so that the computer offenders are traced easily and punished sevearly so that others do not commit such crimes.If any country wants to defend its criminals a day is not that far when that countrywill be victimised by its own citizens.So forming a concrete and implementable universal security platform is the need of the hour.

2008-03-29 05:31:54 -
From casablanca morocco a group of subversives is preparing the killing of the president vladimir putin during the previous visit to rabat .
this criminal organization named WAFA (jews and arabs)is hidden in delegation provencial hay mohammadi and casa-anfa where a magnetic weapon and a computer is prepared for directing a laser ray and magnetic emanation against the person of vladimir putin and also against the king Mohammed VI in rabat.
for more informations see google for the following names : Othmani, Said Benbiga,Zemmrani mohamed,raoul yacoubi, senhaji abdelaal, hmamsi abdelghafar and khlifa.

Total 2 comments
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