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Discussion : Big net attack tipped in next 10 years

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2005-09-17 10:55:01 -
Thank you very much!

2005-02-07 22:09:27 -
Within academia we tend to be over inclusive of terms. To avoid semantics, we tend to use the term "hacker" in the general since. Semantics aside, to get into the issues of white or black hat hackers or to rather use the more suitable term cracker is something that would require a better education for our readers. Those of us publishing and researching computer crime do not have the luxury of having informed readers. Consequentially, we tend to generalize terms for the novice among us to understand and the computer “elite” to shutter at the misuse of terms.

2005-02-01 00:35:55 -
This artilcle although helpful has one serious flaw that compromises the entire work. This article, while appearing on a site that is determined to educate the world, is using a word incorrectly.

Hacker: Can mean many things, mostly it means a coder/programmer. It can be used to describe someone who enters systems to which he has no rightful passage, but ONLY for non-malicious purposes.

Cracker on the other hand, is all of the things above, but add malicious in there. These are the bad guys, hackers are good. They protect us, write Open Source software and the free patches for the things that the cracker do.

This is a common misconception, and I see that the misison of this page is to inform people, I am also on a misison. To change the predisposition implanted by the media giving a bad name to hackers.

Total 3 comments
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