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Discussion : Quiet teen's terror plot stuns school

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2006-10-03 00:55:08 -
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2006-01-26 20:34:25 -
Thanks equilibrium.
I do not worry; I am not a native english speaker. I know 3 other languages as well, some of them will be 'worser' than my English. For as long as I can express my 'Oppinion'.

2005-11-09 22:25:15 - equilibrium
i agree, i beleive that more should be done to help troubled teens before destaseterd such as what might have happened here actually happened. maybe school social workers with apointed class watchers could be placed in school...i know in england there is no such thing..maybe there is in america...u guys have more incidents of this sort of mess. i hope things get better for u jo...remember smile at the fists that fly at u... feel not sorry or pity for help where ever u se fit...just never fall into the mistake of feeling sad because people are treating u impropperly...thats for them to do. laugh at ur troubles and see the world as the beautifull creation it really is. whats the worst that gonna happen...some dumb jock will say throw some insults your way and punch u about the dark corner of the courtyard for a few minutes... he doesn't do it if he doesn't get a reaction, he does so with his frienda... the acts of the spineless.. seeking the smaller people to make him seem somehow make him seem less empty... equilibrium- a balance... bad things come to those who impose bad things onto others... trust me :)

2005-10-28 08:48:59 -
So, jo, did you learn how to speak English yet?

2005-07-22 09:23:32 -
Osantowski got sentenced to a minimum of 4.5 years. It appears low, but to my oppinion it is the best for all. The teen got caught before any worse could have formed in his mind, before he would have taken worser steps to prepare for his act. Now he can be helped. Still, why can it come that far, how come there are no 'signs', what can be the cause behind all this? I have been bullied a lot during my teen years, I got depressed, but I didnt think about hurting others ...

Total 9 comments
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