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Discussion : Romanian hacker is on trial

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2008-10-17 05:05:05 - Mr.Smith

2008-10-07 17:29:36 -
hİ Please Hacker İs Online Down İs İt

2007-07-29 12:55:11 -
Elvis Is The Best Hackers From All Over Timp .
#ChannelHelp ON UnderNet Is The Best Channel Of HACK !

2007-05-01 11:21:32 - Turunga
You people are incredibly naive or stupid.

Romania is the home of a NASTY gang of criminal hackers who specialize in breaking into web servers to install phishing sites.

ROMANIAN HACKERS, who you people either admire or underestimate, are STEALING YOUR MOM'S CREDIT CARD NUMBERS.

2006-12-04 03:14:38 -
Loverboy .. better shut the f* up, u sound so stupid, don't ever talk what u don't know u lammer.

Today 4/12/2006
search keywords: romanian hacker arad city

2006-02-04 17:07:29 -
Well, romanian true hackers are quite some skilled people. I know some of them very well and i`m impressed about their mentality, i mean they seek, create and share. Most of them are nice persons, they like to help others who care about this IT&C world. To bad there are those kinderz which call themselves "hackers"... anyway... i trust in romanian true hackers. Remember hacking is evolution, creating not distroying valuable informations etc. Peace.

2005-12-28 16:36:10 -
Romania is full of script kiddies (which call themselves "hackers"). If you go on the UnderNet IRC network on some channels, you will see hundreds of kiddiez asking for exploits and scanners.

2004-04-14 16:34:35 -
wembley do you want +/@?

shup up

2004-04-12 09:36:27 - Wembley
What has Dan Done so bad that he is in prison?why don`t you bring on court the scamers and bring this genious?

2004-03-28 22:47:00 - Bybi
Romanian Hackers Is Cool
Good Job Guys

Total 10 comments
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