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Discussion : Computer Crime Victim Talks

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2005-03-10 20:28:46 - one-eye
Indeed, such guys really deserves some hard punishment.

If you can't do it good, then don't do it.

What he did was just showing off that he could do more than that guy. But the police could do more then himself so he's just a suxOr.

2005-03-01 03:40:31 -
This action takes away the good things people can do on computers. What sentence this man recieves he deserves. Years ago I had grades altered but there was no law on the books to punish them. I suffered for 2 years before it was corrected and the correct scores reinstated. Burn this guy. He won't be missed!!

2005-02-28 06:59:35 -

Total 3 comments
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