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Wales is cyber-safe

Date: December 26, 2006
By: Robin Turner

WALES is taking the lead on fighting back against hi-tech cyber criminals who cost businesses and home computer users millions of pounds a year.

From irritating spam emails to potentially devastating viruses, identity theft and confidence tricks, the so-called "information superhighwaymen" are the scourge of internet users everywhere.

As use of the web, online banking and electronic transfer of valuable information becomes ever more pervasive, so increasing numbers of home users and businesses are becoming victims of electronic crime.

But Wales has established the E-Crime Wales partnership, a three-year action plan designed to protect organisations from online crime.

Wales is the first region of the UK to develop such an initiative. It is being driven by the E-Crime Wales Steering Group, compromising the Welsh Assembly Government, the four Welsh Police Forces, the National High Tech Crime Unit (now SOCA), lawyers Morgan Cole and HSBC.
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