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Discussion : Cybercrime: A billion-dollar industry

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2012-02-17 07:30:28 -
Very interesting news, thanks.
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2012-01-02 02:18:48 -
I got a mail from coca cola company-uk saying that i am the 2011 end of the year winner from the price promotion, they asked my details such as my full name,home address,mobile and home no,country ID prof.i forward the details and again i got a reply from coca cola company saying,they have forward all my details to NATIONAL WIDE BANK PLC-UK and bank will transfer your money to your bank quickly.again i got a mail from the bank,to transfer winning money we will charge 650 British pounds.if you pay this money quickly we will release your winning money within 30days.

So I need your kind help to check is this is true.

Total 2 comments
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