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Discussion : Spam will be punished

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2005-08-27 01:21:04 -
In addition to William Keeley's excellent spam abatement tools, there is SpamVampire.

SpamVampire is nothing more than a web page with Javascript, which reloads user-defined images again and again, millions of times. Being a web page, you can run it from your own web server and invite your friends and family to join in using their connections. It will also run just as well from your desktop, if you have no web site.

On a standard 1.5Mbps DSL connection, you can drain approximately 12GB / day from the spamvertised websites, at full-tilt.

2005-07-28 22:37:47 -
They should be punishied, its really getting old all ready,

2005-07-26 23:37:06 -

I have been doing something like this for over 6 months.

I have written 3 different anti-spammer methods (all in Java for multiplatform capabilities)

SpamFryer allows you to type in a URL and set the number of visits.

SpammerSlammer generates real looking but fake information that will pass validation schemes on most websites. Just visit
and then cut and past information into a spamvertised website.

Finally, there is SpammerSlapper which can be found at
All one has to do is visit the page and accept the certificate and let Spammer Slapper do the rest.

The source code is included in both SpammerSlapper and SpamFryer java archives. Both of these are open source and public domain so anyone can use, change or redistribute. I applaud Blue Security and many others for standing up to the spammers. Maybe, we can take back our email boxes.

Total 3 comments
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