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Discussion : Google's profits threatened by click fraud

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2008-01-28 22:21:06 -
BEWARE!!!! Any one who tells you they can show you how to make multi-streams of income doing nothing is about 95% a potential scamer. Save your hard earned dollars and invest in something that would benefit you. Do not fall victims to the lies of these internet predators. They promise a dream and steal from you. So be extremely careful.

It is alarming how scammers have dominated google and how they are always on top of the charts. When ever i search on google, i always check out the first link that pops up because i believe they have to be a big one to pop up first. But as you can see, its clearly not the case. I personally have been scammed if i'm not mistaking at least fifteen times. Being a desprate college student, not being able to get a job to suit my schedule i looked online for help and i got into trouble a whole lot of times. The first dude that got me he's name i forgot but they promised a lot of free ebooks and when i downloaded these files unto my computer, i had nothing but trojan horses. It also cost me extra bucks to get my computer fixed. A couple of people to got to my life savings. All i had to start up my own business and it was indeed fustrating. I came up with an Idea; when ever i come across a site that seems convincing and i really cannot find the faults, what i did was to type in the site name in google with "scam" attached to it and if it was indeed a scam, you'ld get a couple of reports on it.

The first online business that i came across was the VemmaBuilder. i was so reluctant to join at first because of my experience with online scammers promising large sums of amounts and all. I finally got convinced when i listened to their training calls and the good thing is that you do not have to become a member to access these calls. My first month wasn't so good when i started off because i didn't put in much efforts to it but then i realized when i put in some extra hours, it really made a difference and in the second month i made a check of $3,658. I didnot have to call or sell anything to anybody and my sponsor showed me how to get ontop of the charts. This month i'm possibly looking at $4,500 just from new enrollees that are underneath me. I'm not talking about the bonuses that i get from the people i personally enrolled. It's a good deal so far. You can access their website and educate yourself about their business and products as well. Copy and paste the link below:

You can also chceck out this other site i found and i signed up 4 days ago. in my first week i made $368. at least it isn't a bad start for some one like me who is a total novice. It's ran by Nick Marks and you have 8 weeks money back guarantee. If you don't make your $49.99 within the 8 weeks, you will get a full refund and still have acess to the materials just for trying them out. i thought it was pretty descent so i gave it a shot. You should check it out too. Just go to " " there are a list of other genuine sites you can make money working online. It's a good deal.

Total 1 comments
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