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10% users are victims of computer fraud

Date: March 26, 2007

More than one in 10 internet users was a victim of online fraud last year, according to a report published today.

The 3.5 million people who experienced online fraud lost an average of 875 each, according to research backed by the Government and internet industry.

Many of the victims had failed to take basic precautions - such as installing up to date internet security software or using different passwords for different sites.

Despite the growing concerns about internet security, fewer than half the 2,441 people surveyed believed they were responsible for their own safety online. Most claimed that banks, stores or internet companies were responsible for stopping fraudsters.

Pat McFadden, the Cabinet Office Minister with responsibility for Transformational Government, said: "As we make more services available online so we need users to take the same basic precautions in using the internet as they would when making transactions in the high street - such as not sharing your bank details or passwords.
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