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Discussion : Cyber-squatters still operate

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2005-10-28 09:34:23 -
This site is ok, but it could use a few more pivtures. Yeah, that would be really nice!!

2005-08-25 15:19:40 -
Your blog is realy very interesting.

2004-03-30 08:45:50 -
Cyber squatting and indeed registration of trademarks in different countries without having a database of the already registered trademarks worldwide is creating great problems. It is not always that the marks/ sites are registered in bad faith. At times its lack of knowledge and after spending so much on marketing and promotion of the mark and making it popular, one gets sued. I guess its expedient that WIPO plays a more extensive role and the trademark data should be consolidated as well as centralized with access to all registries.

2004-03-27 06:33:56 -
I have mixed feelings on this subject. If a person pays good money for a name then he deserves a profit from being there first. Then again if a person spends his hard earned money on a name he knows in the first place he has no place registering then that is a horse of a different color, like or but then again what if this person wanted to have a hobby website since he likes and owns a few Chevys in his life time. I know he could just say or another version. This whole thing has gotten out of hand I think. Put the burden on the registrars and not on the person trying to buy them is what I say. Unless it's my name of course.

Total 4 comments
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