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Russian porn dealer arrested

Date: February 26, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Timofei Saitarly

Tula is well known far away from Russian borders due to its famous spice-cakes and arms. Though it became famous in view of one young man detained by Tula Regional Police Department for creating website in the Internet on distributing child porn. However he cheated even with his clients: he took money and didn't send anything.

"Kindergarten" existed only two months. Site contained photos and scenarios for porn clips with adult and children right up to 3 years old girl. There he posted offers to buy disks with child porn. "K" department officers established phone number, then address of the

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owner, it turned out a student of prestigious university, coming from prosperous family. He created site exceptionally on commercial purpose but he didn't intend to sell porn. He didn't send disks, received money only, fraudulently appropriating fees, senior officer of K department of Tula region Oksana Khotentseva explained.

Scheme was simple: website owner had offered disks and got prepayment by mail and electronic payment systems, then forgot about customers. For 2 months 200 people from Russia and abroad made orders, 30% of them paid for non-existent disks. Thus student earned about $1000 for his account. It's interestingly that site didn't get lost in the huge amount of other similar sites.

As it turned out, it is not difficult to create such webpage, notes leading expert of E-developments department of Tula Science and Technics Institution Maxim Kornienko. Websites are different, they may be developed in 2 hours, or 2 months by a group of developers, it depends on tasks posed, says Maxim. It is quite simple, it's enough to have basic skills of work at the computer and in the Internet, he adds.

Tula programmer exposed himself. Several months ago he applied to regional department with request to stop activity of one porn site, thus he wanted to check how police would operate. But he didn't manage to evade the article on porn distribution.

Student had violated 2 regulations of the Criminal Code: "porn" providing punishment up to 8 years of imprisonment, and "fraud" - up to 5 years, the court would determine the penalty, head of investigatory division of the Internal Affairs Office in Tula region Igor Lopushanskiy claims.

Internet discloses unbounded opportunities, society reveals not comforting needs. Popular search system gives up to 1 million of porn sites in seconds. Only in Yandex porn entertainments were requested 786 thousand times just for last month. Demand determines supply.

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