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January tsunami of IT crime

Date: February 26, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Dmitri Kramarenko

Data analysis results showed that January 2004 broke all record in increase of spam and damage caused by malware (malicious software). Preliminary estimation testify that total economical losses made up from $ 63,4 to $ 77,5 billion. This fact makes January the worst month in view of digital risks demonstration ever.

Number of unwanted letters was above 700 billion, that makes up 58% of total emails number sent all over the world during the month. Raging of viruses and worms illustrated that future trends are more serious.

Attacks and damage push to increase IT expenses

Economical losses related to cyber risks is getting more significant rates. Internet Service Providers (ISP), universities, state services and companies are spending lot more money on their activity related to IT.

Many users note that legal letters were undelivered often because of serious delays connected to channels overload. Bands were loaded since the growing number of trash emails and some peculiarities of email filtering.

January financial losses caused by spam were amounted by record points. Preliminary estimation indicates total damage fluctuating between $25,3-30,9 billion, that is roughly a half of all losses for all 2003 year.

Law enforcement investigators regard that all responsibility for spam distribution lies on home computers. They are used for committing such computer crimes as computer fraud and development of malware - viruses, network worms, trojans. Such developments are distributed as harmless applications. At the same time number of computer fraud is growing every month according to the British mi2g.

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