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Russia: Fighting Cybercimes

Date: February 26, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Timofey Saitarly

In 2003 The Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russian Federation revealed 900 attempts of penetration in information resources of state authorities. Though, law enforcement didn't detain any hacker.
Deputies of State Duma are taking a course of political life. At training seminar, they listened to the head of FSB. He gave a report on success of special services in 2003 year. He submitted statistics on number of foreign spies disclosed and state computer systems hacked. Thus he put hackers, counter-intelligent agents and terrorists on the same footing. Situation was particularly dark because, in his speech, Vyacheslav Ushakov called deputies to reverse moratorium on the death penalty.

FSB head assistant, the secretary of Security Service, informed that in 2003 year FSB disclosed 900 attempts of penetration in information resources of state authorities.

In the whole 112 crimes were revealed and 25 Russians were brought to court, Ushakov informed. 19 of them were sentenced to administrative punishments.

Naturally, arrests are not related to mythical hackings of government websites, but they testify about sound operation of law enforcement and special services irreplaceability.

FSB head assistant assured deputies that it is necessary to adopt preventive measures on fighting terrorism in Russia, introducing of additional authorities for special services inclusive. If you remember, after terrorist acts on September 11, US government passed Patriot Act that granted unprecedented strict authorities to special services in fighting terrorism. We also should think about such decision. Ushakov said.

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