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Discussion : Beware of fake job offers, internet scam

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2007-12-14 05:58:48 -
PLease Pharmacist be aware from University Hospital London and UK Travel Limited agency they are theves.....................

2007-10-07 00:29:06 -
I think as much as Chinese employment visa, work and resident permit is required for joining, the best company to work with is Mr. Peter Hui, he has done it for me and many other, sir more grace to your able

2007-08-18 17:44:03 -
-- Superfinerose Textiles Company23 Weston street,walsall, WS1 Dear Candidate,In response to your Initial listing in the Job search directory ,we haveoffered you a place in our Part time/Work from home Job scheme. We are anInternational middle-man trading company with our corporate headquartersbased in UK and liaison offices in 36 countries from across Europe, Africaand Northern America .Since establishment in 1974 we have done ourbusiness in Mainland Asia and Oceania, in 1990 we extended our Region ofsupplies due to continious demands to Northern America and Europe. Thecompany produces various clothing materials, batiks, assorted fabrics andtraditional costume which we have clients we supply weekly in the states.As a result of our competent records for treating customer demands andsupplies customers have refered us to other possible clients and we havebeen recieving orders from Northern America, Europe And Australia-Theseare areas we classified as outside our reach initially.1.0. WORK SCOPE: We discovered that since we started business in the USAand CANADA,we have been having problems getting payments from ourcustomers as it was very uneasy for them to send payments to Asia evenwhen they did, foreign checks will normally take at least 28 Working daysto clear (this period will normally delay our business)We decided to starta regional office in Carlifornia. This office could not stand withhandling all of the payments as the number of staffs could not meet thenumber of payments been recieved- hence we decided to hire individualsover the internet who will help us recieve and process payments and thenforward to any of our officeswhich we designate.2.0. WHAT WE OFFER:2.1.Flexible program: Two hours daily at your choice (Day time or EveningTime).2.2. Work at Home: Check e-mails, going to the Bank-part time or full time,professional contact team with very good support and Communication Skills.2.3. Other Highlights: No selling Involved, No Kits to Buy, No Advancefees, We won't charge you anything.3.0. SALARY AND WAGES:3.1. You are entitled to a $450:00 Payment which will come in every twoweeks, this amounts to a total of $900:00 Monthly.3.2. Commission: 7% of every transaction succesfully processed-checks,money orders that is cashed instantly and forwarded to our designatedoffices with and outside the USA. "Cash In Hand" or "Cash at counter" iswhat we request this is to speed up our supply as we will not supplywithout recieving payments from our customers.Example: If you recieve a check of $1,000:00 your net Income is $70:00 andthe balance of $930:00 Is forwarded to the company.4.0. How to Forward Payments:4.1. Once you have recieved and processed payments, you will be requestedto forward payments via which ever method which we will instruct you toforward the payments through-sometimes via direct transfer to our accountsand some other times via Western Union or Money-Gram.REMINDER:(I)YOU WILL PROCESS 2-3 ORDERS PER DAY.(II)THE MORE ORDERS YOU PROCESS AT A FASTER RATE,THE HIGHER YOU STAND TOEARN DAILY.(III)THE MORE YOU PROCESS PAYMENTS FASTER THE HIGHER YOUR FIXED EARNINGSPER EVERY TWO WEEKS WILL GROW.(IV)YOU MUST BE OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE,WITH A US,UK,CANADIAN, AUSTRALIAN ORITS EQUIVALENTCITIZENSHIP.5.0. WHAT WE ASK: Two free hours daily not including weekends, Internetaccess forsending and receiving e-mails, available means of cashing moneyorders/checks at your bank using your existing bank account.If you meet these conditions all you have to do is make contact with usproviding your mailing address, phone or fax numbers (for contactpurposes) using the contact informations as set below and we'll respond toyou within 24-48 Hours with our contract of agreement as well as how tobegin work with us. SUPERFINEROSE TEXTILE COMPANYContact Person: COLLINS Phone Number: +447024070933+447024080790Time: 24 Hours daily by e-mail We will never ask you for anything more then that, no bank names, no bankaccount number, routing number, credit card, passwords, ssn # etc. Ifanyone asks for those on our behalf please do not give out this info. Thisis to ensure your security and non involvement in cases of Identity Theft. Thanks,COLLINS JOEHiring Coordinator, Human ResourcesSUPERFINEROSE TEXTILE COMPANYTel: +447024070933+447024080790

2007-05-30 12:16:18 -
I have got this kind of mail with great promises. High Salary of 22000 USD per month as salary package.

Also send an Offer Letter and Contract Letter.

Thanx for ur awareness camp.

2007-04-25 10:32:54 -
Testes and trusted, as long as Nigeria and Africa is concined, the best RTecruitment company remains DONKO RECRUITMENT AGENCY, the company that has won my haert, they are the best recruitment company working as a recruitment agent to Oil Firm Nigeria Ltd also with Abia state Teaching Hospital.

More grace to your able Dr. D.D Donko.

2006-03-22 00:17:20 -
Why didn't you stop such these fake jobs offer
form around the worlds

2006-02-06 08:52:31 -
Use the Internet Scam Resource, WWW.SCAMDEX.COM to check any suspicious emails against their database.

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