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Date: August 25, 2006
By: Grant Gross

Companies that work with law enforcement agencies on cybercrime can get valuable information, including lists of hostile IP addresses and information on new types of attacks, a U.S. Air Force cybercrime investigator said Thursday.

Wendi Whitmore, a special agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, urged companies that are victims of cybercrime to report the problems to law enforcement agencies during a presentation at the 2006 InfraGard National Conference, focused on protecting U.S. critical infrastructure. Even though many cybercriminals don't get caught, the shared information between law enforcement and private businesses can help both groups develop better defenses, she said.

Some cybercriminals do get caught, and those arrests serve as a deterrent to others considering cyberscams, she said. "No criminal prosecution is ever going to be taken if the crime is never reported to law enforcement," Whitmore added. "Until we start developing longer lists of people who got five years, who got 10 years [in jail], who had to pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars, then you're not going to have a deterrent."
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