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Cyber crime surge

Date: July 25, 2012
By: Nanise Loanakadavu

FIJI needs to strengthen its laws to convict cyber crime offenders.

Institute of Cyber Crime Law director Doctor Marco Gercke who's facilitating of a four-day Cyber Security Workshop at Nasova said one computer hacker could access up to 10,000 networks in a day.

"Fiji needs to train personnel to better understand how well and efficient they could prosecute these people," Dr Gercke said

He said it was important that the police understand their work and the seriousness of these cases.

The head of Fiji's Cyber Crime Investigation Unit, Inspector Serupepeli Neiko, said "the trend is increasing which is worrying for the force".

"We receive three to four reports of hoax messages via mobile phones, bank account fraud and unauthorised transactions in a week," he added.

He said 92 cases of cyber crimes have been reported to the police since 2008.

"The Fiji Police Force is adamant that through this workshop, current laws will be strengthened and new legislation formalised to combat cyber crime," he said.

The Ministry of Defence in partnership with government officials and stakeholders converged on the Police Academy yesterday to formalise and strengthen cybercrime laws.

The workshop aims to formalise laws, strengthen existing ones and also present policies to improve the technology framework in the country.

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