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Discussion : Kevin Mitnik: you can hack a whole company

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2007-10-28 21:46:44 -
ahmm my laptop cant spell

2007-10-28 21:43:33 -
computers are a whole new ball game they fun they r quick for info on the net and they have their days like us humans have em ...but we are relying more and more on whos better at doing this and doing that and like ur book the art of sumthing sum people dont need to have pc skills just the art of confusing and tricing people into thinking that is what ur doing is an art indeed the art of mind games in maryborough QLD australia a few years back a man had an argument with a guy bout money he owed the man went away and came back with chalk ground up and threw it on the ground and said well if u dont pay me than cop this wa the time when anthrax was threatening us aussies and usa made the news too streets were closed down so forth but to cut a long story short the man wasnt arrested cause there wasnt anything in the chalk even though it made people sick was in their mind cops were sick medical people were sick i guess one does not have to abuse mans knowledge just need to have the no how to condemn the right timing so forth
so i dont see pc's as a power for my intelligence as i have used that theory for the maing of a flesh disease and it does work who needs pcs these days and who needs weapons maybe the future does have freaks like me nd the guy and i see Kevin as a kewl guy that had the balls to stand up and have a say and a go at it
keep up the good work Kevin you are a good man and hope u fing all the happiness u deserve mate

Total 2 comments
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